A well-established team


Our experienced mold designers are available to advise you during the entire design process and also afterwards. Based on our long-term expert knowledge, we design highly efficient blow molding tools and accessories according to your wishes.

In-mold labelling, multilayer as well as CoEx or PCR are standard for us. We design your ‘8ml’ bottle just as effectively as bottles for beauty and health care, house hold or pharmacy industries. We are also ready to manufacture your oil canister or stackable canister up to 40 liters as well as special designs to meet your requirements.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Advantages of our highly efficient construction:

  • High-efficiency blow molds and accessories  designed with Siemens NX
  • Special designs to meet your requirements
  • Close cooperation between design department and workshop
  • Consideration of the customer's technical situation
  • Smooth transitions from product development through design CAD/CAM to manufacturing


All from one single source:

  • Construction of highly efficient blow molds with powerful cooling
  • Construction of deflashing units (shuttle on the mold attached masks with our proven "Wefo SEM" quick attachment system, optimized for installation within the blow molding machine.)
  • Construction of 3D parting lines
  • Construction of stackable canisters with oil free bottom movement
  • Layout of blowpins (with optimal cooling as well as blow and exhaust air as standard)
  • Layout of post cooling pins
  • Layout of blow pin blocks
  • Layout of head tools according to your specifications

The Mold Design