Our experienced team


Our experienced product designers will support and advise you from the first idea to the finished design. Our innovative solutions in product development have been tested for feasibility and are fast and effective. For quick decision-taking, you will receive meaningful 3D images (with label if desired), models manufactured using the FDM process (painted according to your specifications if desired) or 3D PDF files where you can see your bottle/product from all sides without using a CAD program.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Our advantages:

  • 3D development of innovative shapes and geometries within a very short time
  • Consideration of the technical parameters (such as: the proper use of materials, layout design of tooling, filling conditions)
  • Our design is feasible.
  • Meaningful 3D images for decision-making by our customers
  • Fast creation of models in our two 3D printers
    • Models for checking the optics, handling, cap fit
    • Models can be made solid or hollow
    • Models can be painted in the color of your choice

Do you need bottles for a consumer or line test?

Feel free to ask us about our “Wefo Quicktools”. 
Herewith, plastic bottles for testing the haptics, the optics, the closures as well as for your line trials can be produced within a short time.

The Product Development


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